U of M Student Group brings entertainment industry closer to Missoula

Thursday, December 10, 2009

don't blame me, we started drinking at 7:30!

BCEC Christmas party was at El Cazador last night. Lew, Ian, Austin, Mac and I showed up for the festivities. We did the bar circle, and ended up at Del the Funky Homosapian at the Palace. I had hot flashes in the library today due to last night. Dont't blame me, we started drinking at 7:30!

A few updates: We are going to work on the marketing for Keegan Smith. Check him out www.myspace.com/keegansmith . He's from Portland and willing to give us some money if we pimp out ourselves street teaming for him. I actually enjoyed his music, sometimes I can get a little picky with all of those Howie Day's out there, but he has a lot of soul/funk/raggeae in it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Adventures in sponsorship

Battle of the Bands

This is the rough draft version of our submission poster for Battle of the Bands....The final one will be released when we get sponsors.

Mac, Amy and I went out to try and find some sponsorships for Battle of the Bands in March. First we went to Outlaw Guitars, the guy was super rushed and not wanting to hear what we had to say. We might go back to shmooze him more.
We went into ESP sound and talked with Checker, one of the owners, he seemed interested. He might need a little bit of a rub down to get involved. HE complained in detail as to why all the Battle of the Bands in the past didnt go over well, or as he put it, "I can always pick out the winner before the show even happens." So what we may do is have him take more ownership in this particular BOB, so that ESP sponsors it and he can be involved so that ours doesnt suck (like ones in the past?!?!)

(picture a more old-school style with cords everywhere)
The best part of the trek was stopping in at the Recording Center on Pine street. I get the feeling this guy doesn't talk to many people during the day. He showed us what he was working on and explained what mastering is. 45 minutes later, we managed to get out of there with $50 donated to our club. What a nice guy!

We still have to visit Club Shmed and find recording time. Any other ideas?

Savoy December 4, 2009

Girls at the Savoy show!!!!

Savoy went off with a bang last Friday night at the Palace. They are some of Boulder, Co's finest dj's. I managed to have a cigarrette break with the drummer, what a chill guy. The boys were so impressed with Missoula they plan on coming back in April. We gave away a ton of glow sticks at the show. I even had someone come through the door and do a summer-sault in the entry way to get in at a discounted price. Some concert-goer even bought us 2 six packs of tall-boy PBR's. Afterwards, we rallyed up for a mini BCEC after-party (with little treats included) at Danny and his girlfriend Raina's house.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BCEC Club!!

Ian LaPlace- BCEC President
Ian has the magical ability to sell dirt to old people. He's a charming go-getter and founder of the club. When he's not getting his glow-stick freak on, he also works at KBGA as the underwriting coordinator. You can reach him at ian.laplace@umtbcec.org

Mac Kelly- BCEC VP
Also referred to as Walter :), Mac's from Colorado. About to turn 21, he's a star in the making for BCEC. Always committed to the longevity of the club, Mac can be reached at walter.kelly22@gmail.com

Caitlyn Fransen- Secretary
Caitlyn joined the club a few semesters ago and worked on the Zoostyla fashion show. When not working at KBGA with Ian bringing in the money for underwriting, she enjoys attending shows and geaking out to John Mayer. She can be reached at caitlyn.fransen@umtbcec.org

Austin Duncan- Treasurer/Accountant
Austin is the money money man. He's in a rockin band in Missoula. Always willing to help out, Austin is sure to be a big business man in the future. Austin can be reached at austintd@gmail.com

Some of the peeps in our club: From Left- Caitlyn, Mac, Raina, Austin

Adam Schulte- Street Team Man

Amy Ettinger- Loyal BCEC girl!

Whitney Blunt- Graphic Designer for BCEC posters

Lew Bodman- (on the left) BCEC!

Cason Nile- BCEC

Kevin Lannoye- BCEC

Alex B Show

This was our first BIG show turnout. We had to have 4 people work the door. We set up our headquarters outside of the venue. People showed up in crazy attire. We had a huge turnout from the 18+ crowd. We gave away glow sticks. We needed 170 people to break even and I think our final total of people entering the door was around 300. We made the most money, so far, for our club at this show. Colin, who books Badlander and Palace in Missoula talked about our show the next week in the Entertainment Management program. They were super impressed with our ability to get the word out. However, this dance party lasted til 4 am and that may not happen again. I heard the toilent over flowed in the girls bathroom and the drunkness was at an all time high for show-goers. We also got fined for some other "situational" issues. Because we helped out Bruce, who owns Rockin Rudy's he gave us the back page of the independent a few days before the show to rally support for this show.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Comedian Ben Demarco

This was a very interesting show. Basically Ben was making fun of a bunch of people in the audience. One girl got pissed because he made some sexual innuendos towards her and the boyfriend, went out the front door, came through the back door, got on stage, said a few words to the guy and punched him square in the face.

This lovely video is located on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23-Nbu0KqtM or just search Benny D Crystal Theater Missoula.

Afro Q Ben

We split-even on this show. Good turnout at the Palace. Afro Q Ben kind of looks like the guy off of the movie Knocked Up. He plays at all the tailgates before Phish concerts.